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    Post by ->MFC<-blackwolf [CL] on Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:28 am

    About us:

    We are a fairly new clan of "Medal Of Honour Allied Assault" players,with male and female members of all ages and nationalities.

    We do not cheat and we do not tolerate any form of cheating on any of our 3 gameservers,cheaters will be banned immediately and without warning !!!
    and put in the "Jail Of Shame" on our forum,with their name and ip !!!

    Also we do not tolerate any form of swearing and/or bad language on our servers and teamspeak3 !!! ... we warn/kick for bad language,after 3 warnings/kicks,we ban for a certain amount of time !!!

    We are allways looking to recruit honest gamers of all skill levels into our clan.



    1. It is a must to behave properly and decently when playing with or without our clantag.

    2. All members are committed to ensure that the rules described above will be held.

    3. In case of a disagreement between clanmembers, it is up to the clanleaders to make a decision.

    4. All information and/or recommendations from the clanleaders should be followed.

    5. A member can only be expelled by the clanleaders.

    6. No member may be assigned duties or charges without having accepted this.

    7. Withdrawl from the clan can be done after contacting the clanleaders.

    8. Deliberate team-kill is not allowed on all our gameservers.

    9. Using cheats and/or unfair play is not allowed and will result in the instant ban and exclusion from the clan.

    10. Skin Packs may only be used if they are allready approved by the clan.

    11. Rules described can only be changed by a simple majority vote.

    12. Possible new members must accept the above rules.

    13. Everyone is expected to answer pm's/e-mails from the clanleaders within a reasonable amount of time,unless you are not able to do so,due to (holidays ect).

    14. It is not allowed for members to change their playername or clantag, without permission of a CL/SA,and can be kicked or banned from the server.

    15. Server Admins [SA] are allowed to use cover names while looking for cheaters on the server,these covernames are on our forum,but only the clanleaders and serveradmins know these covernames.

    16. You must have a headset and Teamspeak 3,if you do not have a headset at the moment,you can still join us,but you need to get a headset within a reasonable amount of time.
    A headset does not cost much.

    17. TeamSpeak 3 download:
    We will gladly help you to set it up.

    18. We strongly recommend that you use MOHAAC (anti cheat program) while playing MOHAA on our ->MFC<- clanservers and on other servers.
    As the MOHAAC program can have impact on the gameplay,it is not an obligation for all players to use it all the time. Players that don't have a problem running MOHAAC are expected to use it. When playing matches or at training MOHAAC is a must !!!
    MOHAAC download :

    19. We do not tolerate anyone to accuse other players on our gameservers for cheating or unfair play !!!
    If you think that another player is cheating,please go to spectator mode and talk to a ->MFC<- CL or SA there.
    If there is no ->MFC<- CL or SA in the game,make a post on our forum about the player that you think is cheating,and we will keep a close look at this player in the game !!!

    20. Members must be active on and server.
    Inactive members can be removed from the clan !!!
    Unless the clan is informed about why a member is not active for a some time !!!

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